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Stone & Tile Contractor

Stone & Tile Contractor

25 Years Experience 

When attention to detail and an installation that stands the test of time, matters!

25 Years Experience 

When attention to detail and an installation that stands the test of time, matters!

About Us


     Our owner/operator Chris Twardowski is a 3rd generation stone and tile craftsman with 25 years experience in the stone and tile industry.

     Chris grew up in Wellington, Florida with a long history of tile and stone expertise in his heritage.  Beginning with Chris’ grandfather, John DonVito, who started with Akron Flooring in Ohio, working on large-scale commercial projects installing stone, tile, carpet, vinyl, terrazzo and wood flooring.  He then moved to South Florida in the 70’s to start his business as a building general contractor. Chris’ parents also moved to South Florida at this time and his father, Larry, continued in the stone, tile and terrazzo trade that he started while in Akron.

In the early 80’s, Chris’ parents opened their own contracting business, Palm Beach Decorative Floors, installing and supplying stone, tile, terrazzo, carpet, vinyl and wood flooring but predominantly stone and tile. Since the age of 13, Chris worked summers on his grandfathers’ construction sites, as a laborer, and in his father's warehouse sweeping floors, organizing the shop and repairing tools…. Chris literally gained an appreciation for the entire business and industry from the ground up. He then began his official employment 2 weeks after graduating high school in the early 90’s. Chris started in the family business as an installer helper, then installer/fabricator, then master installer/supervisor, and finally an estimator/project manager. 

     His life experience in the stone industry as well as long-standing work history allows for a very natural approach to solving challenges, high-end support offerings and a positive approach to any size job.  This trade is in his blood and second nature to him, therefore making installations seem easier than they appear. He loves to pass his skills down to the next generation and teach his team the best systems to execute projects, always continuing his education.


Creative Experts

     We only use the best thinset adhesives, Ardex or Laticrete, depending on the application. This applies to the anti-fracture membranes, sound barrier membranes and waterproofing systems we use. Others will use cheaper products that even say “premium” on the label but do not compare in bond strength as we strength test and time test all products we use. Time testing proves over time the materials will hold up since usually over a 10 year period is when you will start to see systems fail if not installed properly.  Our epoxies used to bond stone will not yellow when exposed to UV rays and will not delaminate EVER. We only use the best sealer and in our testing experiments, Dry Treat brand sealers are that. As an accredited applicator for Dry Treat sealers, we will diagnose the best sealer for your project and give a written performance warranty after applied. Dry Treat sealers have warranties lasting 5, 15 and 25 years depending on the sealer used.



We are a full scale stone and tile contractor.  

Providing services with:

-Installation (Interior, exterior, floors, walls, ceilings, pool decks,          driveways, cladding, fountains, countertops, fireplace mantels)

-Fabrication (custom slab work, waterjet, textured surfaces)

-Restoration(polishing, honing, antiquing, stain removal)

-Sealing(to protect your investment)

-Importing (to reduce costs on large cut to size projects)

-Design Ideas

-Shop Drawings

Materials we work with:






Quartz (engineered stone)



In slab, tile or mosaic form.

We work with materials others will avoid, we will find a way to get the project done, on time and done right.

License # U-22345 

Insured and Bonded

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